Hi!!! Welcome to Wikinews in serbian! I hope that you will enjoy.

Do not worry....Deleted. --Milens 16:44, 8. мај 2009. (UTC)

Do not worry...I will help you if you mistake again. If I have an error in writing, I am sorry,..my english isn't perfect. --Milens 17:03, 8. мај 2009. (UTC)
My english too. I prefer to speak french :-)))--Bertrand GRONDIN 17:04, 8. мај 2009. (UTC)

Hi....I need help. If you can help me. On fr.wn you have tiker who successfully works. We tried to make it but we have some errors. Do you can (or somebody else from fr.wn) to copy the ticker, and put in sr.wn? --Milens 22:36, 9. мај 2009. (UTC)

want your bot to do the job ;)--Milens 14:35, 11. мај 2009. (UTC)


If you think that it is a wrong category because of dot at the end, it is not: category should look like that. Otherwise, please explain me why it is wrong... --Millosh 08:44, 18. мај 2009. (UTC)

I see that Filip already deleted the wrong category... --Millosh 08:47, 18. мај 2009. (UTC)